This was a collaboration with Clarina Bezzola in The White Box gallery, part of the Zurich meets New York DADA festival.  In this performance, I was very interested in cult leaders, and their manipulation tactics.  We brought this notion to the gallery, and there I sat for gallery hours.  Each person that came into the gallery got a different experience based on the mood of the relationship.  I wanted to use my mentality to be the material in the gallery, and guide each person that came in to an improvised performance.  All the while being seated in the room looking straight ahead.

Some were guiding with abstract poetic language and taken back to childhood memories. A couple in their mid-twenties walks to within 6 feet and asks what am I doing here?  I would answer to something of this effect: "Do you remember that time, when you boarded the school bus as a child?  The grip tape of each step that prevented you from slipping?  Remember it slightly peeling?  Good. I'm glad you see this image. I'm inviting you to slip back into this state of being.  Look up now, I am that expression on the school bus driver's face.  Now go and take your seat."

Another person that entered the gallery was asked to go outside and recruit people to come into the gallery.  I told her to use her hands and dance around.  She did so without questioning.  Three men and herself were seated before me, where I asked them to go to a bodega across the street with instructions of buying me something "of the earth."   They came back with an apple.  She fed it to me whilst the others watched.